Reprinted from the Philips Spotlight June 2017 newsletter

Ledalite ArcForm Does it Again! 

Can great lighting help building owners attract tenants who will pay higher rents?   Brookfield Properties knows so!   Their building (1801 California, in Denver) went from 15% to 85% occupied after they chose the Ledalite ArcForm as their building standard light fixture.   ArcForm was selected despite being more than double the price of many others (20 total) that were considered, reviewed, and mocked up.   See accompanying article from Green Building Design.

Brookfield is now renovating Republic Plaza, the tallest building in Denver.   Guess which fixture they selected for this project?   That’s right, Ledalite Arcform due to its soft gentle curve, balanced brightness, and 360 degree batwing allowing for 10’x10’ spacing.

At a time where price seems to be the primary driver for recessed troffer selection it’s great to know that savvy owners are looking at things differently.    I encourage you to use this case study as a means to have a conversation with your customers about the real and significant impact lighting can have on a company’s bottom line!

To learn more about this case study, please click below:

1801 California Case Study

And below a short video to show you what makes Arcform so unique.


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